Brian Noppè: Photographer. 

Whether photographing the Dalai Lama, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or your next door neighbour... shooting fashion, commercial/advertising work, creating large art pieces for galleries, offices or homes, Brian's sincerity, enthusiastic energy and contagious warmth leads to the authentic images that he is well-known and sought out for. In 1992, while attending Emily Carr University of Art and Design, he started a new career as a full time portrait and wedding photographer. Many hundreds of shoots later, he is still a lover of the outdoors & a risk-taker: trying new things while pushing his limits within the art of photography. He makes his home in Florianópolis, Brazil and Vancouver, Canada and is available for work world-wide.


Shoot me an email at and let me know what you need. Please include any details like dates and a phone number... :-)



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